Guest post: IPv6 File Transfer Now Available In Serbian language

A Belgrade startup called HBM Company ( has advanced Serbia’s access to IPv6 file transfer by translating the popular Serv-U FTP Server entirely into Serbian…

File transfer modes supported include FTP, secure FTP (FTPS), SFTP (over SSH) and web transfers using HTTP and HTTPS. A 2011 study by Andy White of File Transfer Consulting ( showed that at least six open source and commercial FTP servers, including Serv-U, have already implemented some or all of these common IPv6 transfer modes, and Serv-U appears to be the first of the six translated into Serbian.

When used over IPv6, both FTP and FTPS require the implementation of RFC 2428, entitled “FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs.” This RFC replaces the venerable “PORT” command with an “EPRT” or “extended port” command, and the newer “PASV” command with an “EPSV” or “extended passive” command. The primary “extensions” each one of these commands supports is an extra field that allows each side to specify either an IPv4 or IPv6 address as conditions warrant.

The “IPv6 FTC RFC” was laid down in 1998 and provides a good foundation for universal compatibility among FTP and FTPS client and servers under IPv6. High levels of compatibility are also common among SFTP and web transfer clients (including web browsers) because SSH, HTTP and HTTPS all use a single port in their data transfers, whereas FTP and FTPS still open secondary data channels for each and every transfer.

Guest writer: Jonathan Lampe, RhinoSoft

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