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Mobile operators are slowly running out of excuses why they can’t roll out IPv6 for their users…

The deployment of IPv6 in mobile networks is possible for a long time now. Slovenian operators Mobitel and Tušmobil implemented it for test in 2010 and Simobil did it a year later, but none of the operators has  yet decided to start selling a special “package” that would offer an Android phone and IPv6-only data access (in addition to the voice service). This is due to the fact that until now “legacy” applications that works solely and exclusively on IPv4 – such as Skype – does not work if the phone is not connected with IPv4 connection … (Read the article)

AED database of Slovenia is reachable over IPv6 too!

[Slovenska verzija]

AED database, that contains locations and  status of automatic external defibrillators is now available also over IPv6. Why is this so important? Mobile operators around the world are thinking about transiting to IPV6 and more and more likely to offer a mobile “data package” that includes just IPv6 traffic (PDPv6, there are many reasons for that). Access to IPv4 content and services is enabled by a translation mechanism NAT64 in the operators core. Services and content, reachable also over IPv6 will bypass the translation, as there is absolutely no need for that – and this is very important for services, that can save peoples lives… (Read the article)

(Slovensko) Go6 v Beogradu opravil prvo IPv6 svetovanje za TAG

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(Slovensko) V naši (RIPE) regiji je od danes v veljavi novo pravilo za dodeljevanje IPv6 naslovnega prostora.

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