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Mobile operators are slowly running out of excuses why they can’t roll out IPv6 for their users…

The deployment of IPv6 in mobile networks is possible for a long time now. Slovenian operators Mobitel and Tušmobil implemented it for test in 2010 and Simobil did it a year later, but none of the operators has  yet decided to start selling a special “package” that would offer an Android phone and IPv6-only data access (in addition to the voice service). This is due to the fact that until now “legacy” applications that works solely and exclusively on IPv4 – such as Skype – does not work if the phone is not connected with IPv4 connection … (Read the article)

(Slovensko) Android telefoni, ki omogočajo IPv6 povezavo preko 2G/3G mobilnega omrežja

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Nokia USB Modem 21M-02 – IPv6, IPv4 and dual-PDP IPv4v6 test – part II.

[Slovenian version]

In our first report we have shown, that mobile Nokia USB modem is in the prototype state, but the device is now available in some markets and we can confirm that this little “devil” supports PDPv4, PDPv6 and PDPv4v6 as well as PDPv4 and PDPv6 in parallel. This time we tested the device more in depth on Simobil 3G mobile network… (Read the article)

Samsung Galaxy Nexus – new “Google phone” supports IPv6 on mobile network (2G/3G)…

(Slovenska verzija)

Few days ago Mobitel (Slovenian national mobile operator) started selling the new Google phone, “hidden” under the name Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The device is first on the market that uses new Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and we can confirm that system itself is functioning smoothly, its use is intuitive – but we are not impressed just because of that- this device is the first production Android phone that supports IPv6 on 2G/3G (mobile ) network …. (Read the article)