EC project GEN6 confirmed and accepted…

Last year EC published the call “Piloting the IPv6 in governmental networks” and soon the consortium was formed for answering this call. We managed to get together with Latif Ladid and Jordi Palet Martinez and coordinate the consortium startup – now lead by German partners. EC IPv6 was confirmed for us few days before start of 2012…

We are very happy to announce, that our Slovenian proposal inside consortium became a cross-boarder one with Spain and Luxembourg.

LTFE is official Slovenian partner in the project with Go6 and others as a technology partners. We are still searching for additional investors, as EC covers only 50% of the cost of the project.

What was our idea for the project?

With mobility, a mobile node always has got the same static IPv6 and IPv4 address, no matter to which network it is connected and in which part of the world the node is. Mobile node can change networks, and the user of the communication device doesn’t even notice the change.

This way we can reach mobile nodes, attached to public safety team members, engaging GPS and determine their exact position. When we deploy mobility in such teams, possibilities of use and new services becomes unlimited. We can send pictures, video, instructions to the individual member of team, we can call them via SIP protocol directly to their device, no matter where they are and also get the data from sensors, e.g. video cameras.

This way we can assure better control of the teams, much more data from the field and teams can be better coordinated to do their work more efficiently – help people when in trouble.

More about our idea ->

General info about Slovenian part in project: (still in early alpha) 🙂

Jan Žorž

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