AED database of Slovenia is reachable over IPv6 too!

[Slovenska verzija]

AED database, that contains locations and  status of automatic external defibrillators is now available also over IPv6. Why is this so important? Mobile operators around the world are thinking about transiting to IPV6 and more and more likely to offer a mobile “data package” that includes just IPv6 traffic (PDPv6, there are many reasons for that). Access to IPv4 content and services is enabled by a translation mechanism NAT64 in the operators core. Services and content, reachable also over IPv6 will bypass the translation, as there is absolutely no need for that – and this is very important for services, that can save peoples lives…

On your way to work, a fellow commuter collapses on the ground in front of the pedestrian crossing. She is lying on the ground unconscious, doesn’t breathe and you palpate no heart pulse. Person in front of you is virtually dead and will remain so, unless you initiate quick and proper life-saving procedures – seconds count! Heart attack can affect anybody, regardless of the age or gender. In Slovenia alone, more than 3000 people have heart attack evey year – 8 people a day, on average! Every layman can witness such event and only quick and proper action can save life – friend’s, neighbour’s or your loved one’s. It is therefore of crucial importance that evey layman can recognize a heart attack and act quickly and properly. What is an automated external defibrillator (AED)? How does it work, why is it important and where can I find one closest to my surroundings?

Spread the word to EVERYONE YOU KNOW to join AED database of Slovenia which is now also available over IPv6!

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