MIZKŠ published a tender for financing e-projects requires mandatory use of IPv6…

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Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Republic of Slovenia has issued a public call for funding the development of e-services and mobile applications for public and private non-profit organizations in which they explicitly require that all funded e-services and mobile applications uses IPv6 as mandatory communication protocol. For using also IPv4 the project receives one additional point (out of 100 possible).  That means that all funded applications and e-services must be fully operational in IPv6-only environment. We welcome with great enthusiasm this governmental initiative of encouraging rapid deployment of IPv6 protocol in new services and networks…

It is the end of the romance and easy life in the belief that IPv6 is a toy for academics and something that we might encounter in the far future. IPv6 is here, soon it will begin to appear as a communications protocol in a lot of interesting e-services and mobile applications, which will be co-financed by the EU and MIZKŠ with participation up to 90%.

Quote from the text of the call:

“E-services and mobile applications, which are as a result of this call reachable from the Internet or uses the communication over the Internet  should at least be based on a communication protocol IPv6. This means that it must use communication protocol IPv6, but it may also support the IPv4 protocol. “

At today’s tender information day we asked the question, if does this mean that all e-services and mobile applications that are funded under this call needs to work in an environment where IPv4 is not present and the answer was yes – all products must be fully operational in the IPv6- only environment.

No tricks with NAT64 translation and similar devices, which means that all projects will have to enable IPv6 on the whole infrastructure  – from WEB and DNS servers, firewalls, Internet access, in short, a complete infrastructure must be IPv6 (of course, also IPv4, if we want to get an extra one point from a possible 100).

Go6 Institute will probably participate in this tender, but the project is still a secret – if it is adopted it will probably be again one of those ventures, which will be heard around the global Internet world.

Since IPv6 is our primary business you probably imagine that we’ll not have any issues with the IPv6 environment – mainly because within the Go6 Institute we founded Go6Lab, a laboratory for developing and testing IPv6 systems, scenarios, prototypes and protocols.

Maybe it’s time now for ISPs to switch and start offering IPv6 to residential users – the rest of the world is already moving there.

For Go6, Jan Žorž

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