Eng. version: 4th Slo IPv6 summit

Organized by:
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Main sponsor of event:
Iskratel, glavni spoznor 4. Slo IPv6 summita

Sponzorji in razstavljalci:

When: 23. and 24. November 2010
Where: Tehnološki park Ljubljana Brdo
Who: organized by Arnes, LTFE and Zavod go6
For who: everybody interested in IPv6
Price: free
Limits: 20 (hands-on “routing” IPv6 workshop), 30 (6deploy Transition mechanisms hands-on workshop), Unlimited (IPv6 summit)

Short description:

The fourth Slovenian IPv6 summit, which will continue its technical agenda, will be held in Ljubljana on 23 and 24 November 2010. Once again, we expect representatives from most leading Slovenian operators, providers and developers of IT services and infrastructure, as well as from relevant ministries and agencies, to attend.

The keynote speaker at the summit will be Patrik Fältström, Senior Consulting Engineer with Cisco Systems, who has been involved with Internet standards since 1989. He is an appointed advisor to the Swedish IT Minister since 2003, covering among other areas the introduction of IPv6. He is also active in several international working groups, including: IETF, IAB, ISOC, ICANN…

The technical panel discussion, which will be the high point of the summit, will be chaired by Daniel Karrenberg, a pioneer of the Internet in Europe and chief scientist at RIPE NCC, which is responsible for coordinating activities needed for the global operation of the Internet. Daniel attended the previous IPv6 summit via videoconferencing.

On the first day of the summit, which is being organised by Arnes, the Go6 institute and the Laboratory for Telecommunications Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana (LTFE), two professional workshops will take place concurrently. The first, on IPv6 routing, will be led by Matjaž Straus Istenič (Arnes) and Janez Sterle (LTFE), while the second, on the topic of IPv4 and IPv6 coexistence, transition concepts and mechanisms, will run under the 6deploy programme. On the second day we will hear from the keynote speaker, Patrik Fältström. This will be followed by technical talks, where once again we can expect contributions from leading Slovenian and foreign networking systems experts. The summit will close with a technical debate chaired by Daniel Karrenberg. For more information on the event, visit the Go6 website.

We are also happy to announce the presentation from Bernadett Koteles from European Commision, working in the group that takes care of IPv6. She will discuss the options of increased involvement of EC in actions and funding of the IPv6 deployment across EU.

On the 24 November live participation via Arnes’ webconferencing will be available.

Summit agenda:

24. November 20104. Slo IPv6 summit
09:00-09:30Uvodni pozdravni govoripredstavnik MVZT
Jan Žorž (zavod go6)
T.B.D. (Arnes)
Andrej Kos, LTFE
Daniel Karrenberg (RIPE-NCC)
9:30-10:30KeynotePatrik Fältström (Cisco)
10:30-10:45Odmor za kavo
10:45-11:15Nova generacija
dostopovnih sistemov
Simon Čimžar (Iskratel)
11:15-11:45IPv6 Content - no excuses!Ivan Pepelnjak (NIL)
11:45-12:00Kaj je na IPv6?Matjaž Straus Istenič
12:00-13:00Odmor za kosilo (lunch)
13:00-13:15DSMIPv6-TLS live demoJan Žorž, go6.si
13:15-13:30IPv6 deployment, European Commission involvementBernadett Koteles, EC
13:30-14:00IPv6 address management
- praktični prikaz
Falk Schwendike (InfoBlox)
14:15-15:30Minute za poročila
podjetij o aktivnostih
na IPv6
go6 chair: Jan Žorž
MVZT: Davor Šoštarič
CARNET: Tomislav Štivojević
Telekom: Mitja Jenček
Amis: Ragnar Belial Us
NIL: Jan Bervar
TušMobil: Miha Petkovšek
Luka Manojlovič: KATE-wing
Siel: Simon Žekar
15:30-15:45Odmor za kavo
15:45-17:00Tehnični panel:

Vprašanja in odgovori na prve težave
pri uvajanju IPv6 v slovenska omrežja
Session chairs:
Daniel Karrenberg (RIPE-NCC)
Jan Žorž (go6)

Panel members:
Patrik Fältström (Cisco)
Ivan Pepelnjak (Nil)
Rok Arzenšek (Iskratel)
Tom Cof (Cisco Slo.)
Miha Petkovšek (Tušmobil)
Matjaž Straus Istenič (Arnes)
Andrej Kobal (Astec)
moderira: T.B.D.

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