IPv6 troubleshooting for helpdesks

IPv6 troubleshooting for helpdesks” is a community BCOP document, intended to provide a starting point for technical support staff at ISPs or enterprise IT helpdesks in supporting IPv6. Problems with IPv6 are very rare, but fear of the unknown has prevented or delayed many organizations from rolling out IPv6 to their users, when all technical problems have been solved. While this document cannot encompass all possible problems, it should provide a solid first step for front-line support personnel.

Co-authors: Lee Howard, John Jason Brzozowski, David Freedman, Jason Fesler, Tim Chown, Sander Steffann, Chris Grundemann, Jen Linkova, Chris Tuska, Daniel Breuer, Jan Žorž

All comments, suggestions improvements and ideas are welcome, please send them to jan [at] go6.si


24. March 2014 – Version 00 of the draft – initial draft of the document, still a bit shaky – but good enough for first impression of the idea. Lot’s of community reviewing and feedback needed to make it a solid and good document.
06. August 2014 – Version 01 of the draft – After many editorial cycles we decided to publish the 01 draft. We added some content, changed the structure to be more readable and added the basic flowchart.
5. November 2014 – Version 01 with more designed template – Thanks to RIPE-NCC designers – the draft got a very useful and easy to use form and template…


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