RIPE-501 is a procurement document, that specifies how we request IPv6 requirements when buying ICT equipment. Document is co-authored by Merike Kaeo, Sander Steffann and Jan Žorž.

Official RIPE-NCC BCP: RIPE-501 – Requirements For IPv6 in ICT Equipment

Draft versions of follow-up document:
6.6.2011 – draft-v.1 – simplified RIPE-501 document with just one option – request IPv6 Ready Logo certificate or comply with RFC lists. Added CPE and Mobile nodes specifications of RFCs required.

21.7.2011 – draft-v.2 – added Load Balancers section to specifications and also CPE specification with referencing only RFC6204 was chosen.

11.8.2011 – draft-v.3 – implemented majority of comments from RIPE IPv6 WG mailinglist and also some off-list suggestions. Aiming for final version soon.

28.8.2011 – draft-v.4 – Final version, now freezed for last call on RIPE IPv6 WG mailinglist.

01.9.2011 – draft-v.5 – Looks like MarcoH had some very good suggestions, so we turned around the text and structure a bit. Pre-Last-Call version. Hopefully one of the last versions.

12.9.2011 – draft-v.6 – Frozen version for Last Call in RIP IPv6 Working group mailinglist. All comments addressed, all ideas implemented. Satisfied 🙂

13.2.2012 – draft-v.7 – After breaking Last Call and implementing some more ideas and suggestions from respected members of community, here goes v.7 of the draft, ready for last-last-call.

14.3.2012 – draft-v.8 – Added explanation what IETF “must” and “should” means in terms of “mandatory” and “optional” to section “IPsec: mandatory or optional”. Now it’s really ready for last-last-call.

6.4.2012 – draft-v.9 – Full IETF week of sanity and cross-checks with many great experts from the industry. IPsec sections are now as they should be, language changed from American to English english, some requirements are modified. Lot’s of work done and this is now it. Last-Last-Last version. Really. I mean it. 🙂


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