First results of our suggestion to search engines…

Appology first to our Slovenian readers, this article really needs to be in english language because all this became bigger than we expected. As you probably noticed, our suggestion of “Proposed IPv6 impact on search engine scoring algorithms” got massive attention around the world, mainly because of mention in news secton on IPv6ActNow portal…

When IPv6ActNow published new entry in news section, server started to get massive amount of traffic and hits to that article, directly from them and also from other sites, that republished the article from IPv6ActNow.

We got massive feedback on proposed change, mostly very positive and some of brave fellows also left pubblic comment below the article (appreciate that, need more comments).

We also received 1 not supportive mail from very influential person in IPv6 advocacy world, that I highly respect and appreciate his opinion – and would like to share this oposing view with the audience for triggering further discussion:

“I don’t support it – it’s a content vs. transport issue. I’m very pro v6 (which you know); but I think this is like crossing the beams and should not be done.”

Looking from this perspective, I might partially agree, but is this really entirely true? I mean, how “pure” and “brave” we must be in situation like it is in IPv6 deployment world?

I will not publish all supportive comments, because of too many emails with similar message: “go for it, it’s brilliant idea”…

We got attention from highest powers of *the search engine* (thnx also to Latif Ladid and David Holder among others, that sent an email with link in it to *the search engine* folks) and all I can say currently is that they are reviewing our proposal and debating the possible negative effects of it.

I wrote some additional explanation and some my personal views of it inside email debate with Latif and Vint, let’s see how all this turns out.

I would like to thank you all for massive attention and feedback, great to hear that proposed change is very well accepted  and have so much consensus in very wide Internet community. We wait for searche engine decisions now.

Jan Zorz

P.S: I had a quick look of who’s reading the proposal over which protocol in apache logfile; 27% over IPv6 and 73% over IPv4. Quite nice, is it?

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  1. P
    August 27th, 2010 | 12:21

    I’d just like to point out, that Pandora’s box has already been opened by *the search engine*. Transport layer and content server performance already affects content ranking, even though “fewer than 1% of search queries are affected by the site speed signal in their implementation”.

    Should *the search engine* announce that IPv6 content availability will improve site’s ranking for a % or two, I believe that would generate massive pressure on content and hosting providers to provide IPv6.

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