Na http://www.sitepoint.com/ so 1.4.2011 objavili predlog profesorja Michaela Rappa o novi različici internetnega protokola – IPv4.5:

IPv4.5 relies on the Earth’s rotation and web usage patterns. Each IP address will be assigned to two users at polar opposite points on the globe. If you’re accessing the web at 2pm local time, you will have priority over a someone on the other side of the world accessing at 2am.
Therefore, a US-based user is likely to be sharing their unique IP with someone in China. In effect, this will double the IPv4 address space without requiring expensive new hardware or system upgrades.

Vaš IP naslov (ali ste na IPv6 ?):


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    Še ena prvoaprilska:

    (hvala za info, Beni)

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